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Read customer reviews and buy Blu-ray movies online at H33.For some time now, Lucas Mangold has been helping to organize a Friday evening event at Crocker Art Museum called “We Dare to Be Different,” aimed at bringing together creative types and the civic leaders who support them. Each year, this event focuses on a different topic, and this year, Mangold and the museum have chosen to focus on the Artist as Activist. From the museum’s website: We are pleased to announce the 2013 theme of our Culture in Action program, We Dare to Be Different, as part of the annual art-politics festival We Dare to Be Different! In the wake of recent events worldwide, the artist and writer Lucas Mangold and the artist-administrator of the Crocker Art Museum and the director of UCLA’s Cultural Equity Office, Arthur Torres, join forces in the fall to share their perspectives on activism, artist as cultural activist and social activism with the Fresno community. “This year’s theme is particularly appropriate because we are starting to notice a sort of loosening of the noose on how people are defining artists and art,” says Mangold. “A lot of artists are coming out as cultural activists who are working to bring about social change in the world. And I’m hoping that the Festival will be a space for us to talk about this in a bit more depth and to bring the conversations to the community.” Mangold will be hosting a gallery opening on Friday, February 16 with a screening of the 2004 documentary A Place in the Sun, by filmmaker Sara Lukinson. A Place in the Sun is one of Mangold’s favorites, and he hopes that many will participate in this event. It will be preceded by the opening reception of the show “Home Is Where the Art Is,” organized by Mangold and the museum, which will feature a panel of artists that include Hanna Glawischnig, Ian Skelton, Susanne Beecheler, Ashley Goerdt, Hannah Black, and Jean-Pierre Arthens. I had a chance to speak with Mangold recently, as part of a larger conversation with a few other artists and activists. Below, you will find a transcript of our conversation, which has been edited for clarity and length. Brooke Turton: Can you tell me a little about the film A Place in the Sun






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Doctor Strange (English) Blu-ray 1080p Movies ileisai

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